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I3M Communications has representatives worldwide that will find the perfect solution for the online needs of your business.
I3M Communications is a company that provides brand, media and marketing management. We create from scratch any advertising campaign and we produce all digital implementation and development for your company by creating a customized plan specific to your business.

Educated in integrating marketing communications, we use a mix of all appropriate disciplines and tools in a well coordinated campaign to achieve a unified objective or set of goals. I3M Communications provides innovative and aggressive tactics with which we can go to market; from large scale to virtually non-existent budgets, we maximize the effects of the outcome and guarantee the best quality available to give you better results while minimizing costs and time of production.
What We Do
I3M Communications has years of valuable experience in many online disciplines, including Design and Development, eMarketing and Consulting.

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Clients Support

Clients Support

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Our Services
I3M Communications offers a wide variety of services to our customers. From Development to Design, Marketing to Media, Concept to Promotion, we have your business covered. In addition, we are flexible enough to accommodate specific requests so that you get the greatest value from our services.

    I3M Communications effectively designs, develops and integrates your company’s website with the strategies and goals of your business to successfully communicate your carefully branded message. By simplifying the online process and by keeping your site flexible and reliable, we can help you to increase both interactions and sales leads. .

    I3M Communications will assist your business with securing sponsorship by helping you prepare your documents and if necessary, research potential partners on your behalf at both the government and corporate levels. Sponsorship may include, but not be limited to, the exchange of funding for advertising, and the exchange of equipment or services in for brand recognition.

    I3M Communications product development services works with you through the process of shaping and refining your idea for a new product. With a complete description, we can help you with the conceptual design, manufacture and support at every phase of your product's life c´cle.

    I3M Communications employs a team of skilled Visual Designers who use all graphic media and creative text to communicate your business’s style, expression, idea or concept. We design both print and electronic formats for executions such as advertisements for publication or for your website.

    I3M Communications can offer you very competitive prices, fast delivery and great quality in printed materials for items such as flyers, posters, corporate gifts, banners and more.

    I3M Communicationswebsite analysis and optimization services are devoted to increasing your website performance, speed and traffic. As part of our overall site redesign process, our team of experts will maximize your website’s performance by reducing content size and complexity, including elements such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Marketing and Lead Generation, resulting in more site traffic and ultimately an increase in sales.

    I3M Communications Media Planners work closely with our marketing and advertising teams to ensure your advertisements reach the right audience at precisely the right time. By using your marketing budget effectively, we can create a media strategy specifically targeted to the product or services in line with your marketing objectives

    I3M Communications Media Managers are professional communicators involved in the innovative areas of economic growth and expansion, areas in which image, new technologies and communication are of the utmost importance. We offer our services to firms or organizations who have come to terms with an increasingly competitive and globalized marketplace in which effective communication can make difference between their success or failure.

    I3M Communications focuses our marketing research on developing, expanding and facilitating the profitable introduction and promotion of your company’s product(s) and/or service(s). Traditionally, Marketing and Consulting can include discovering market requirements and ensuring that those requirements are reflected in the products and/or services offered; determining and setting the most appropriate price(s) for the product(s)/service(s); and all activities involved in ensuring potential customers are aware of the company, its products and services and their benefits, and finally encouraging them to buy. In addition to determining the best geographic areas to sell in, we also refer to the selection and management of the best “channels” for reaching those markets, such as direct sales, distributors and resellers.

    To satisfy the target customers of your business, you need to understand their wants, needs and behaviors. I3M Communications offers a fully integrated merchandizing solution; by coordinating production, marketing and developing advertising campaigns, we will bring together the promotion of merchandise sales and the relevant strategies in one cohesive package.

    I3M Communications offers in-depth, qualitative interviews with a small number of carefully selected people brought together to discuss a list of topics selected by you. Our focus groups generate data through group discussions, allowing you the opportunity to listen in as they share and compare their different points of view about your company - not only what your customers think, but also why they think the way they do.

    I3M Communications provides strategic street team promotion solutions and services specialized in keeping your product(s) or service(s) in the minds of your customers. We cover product awareness campaigns; new artist or album releases; lifestyle, events, venues or film release promotions; corporate identity campaigns; publicity stunts and more! Our campaigns will undoubtedly stimulate the demand for any product or service by bringing your brand direct to your audience.
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Curious? Our work speaks for itself.
What some of our clients are saying...
"During 5 years i3M communications has been in charge of the image management and advertisign campain from our event, helping us reach 37 million tageted people worldwide"

Anastasiya Severgina
Project Manager Art Monaco

I3M Communications got my online magazine up in days and linked to all my social media platforms. Great job!


Michelle Normandeau
Chief Editor Opus Magazine

Even living in Monaco, I3M Communications was able to create a beautiful website for the demographic I am targetting. Their reach is truly worldwide.


Boury Bouran
Founder & Creator GEO

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